Music composition & llustration

Join Chazan Poems:Art&Music Contest

Prizes: \20,000 to \100,000

Selected 20,000yen  Bronze 50,000yen  Silver 80,000yen  Gold 100.000yen
The amount of prize money of 2 rounds is 4,000,000yen(fluctuates by the number of winning works)


     Chazan was a Japanese Confucianism professor and also a Chinese poet who lived in the late Edo era. He was very famous for his literary works using perfect Chinese vocabulary because he had a surprising amount of knowledge about China's origin and history.

     Born in 1748, in the current Kannabe-cho,Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture, he died in 1827. He gave us the legacy of excellent Chinese poetry.



     Read a Chazan poem and use your imagination. Draw an illustration or compose a song. 

     Send your work of art to the address written below:

     Kanchazan Kinenkan
    30-2 Oaza Shin-Yuno Kannabe-cho
    Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
    Japan 〒720-2122

     ※Digital music sound and score data can be sent by e-mail.



Age 16 and above.  Can be professional, amateur, and from any district or country.
Work must be unpublished and original.  Copied or printed work is not acceptable except the 

   print art and CG art
Work cannot be returned.  The copyright of the prize-winning work will belong to our    

   organization, but we will contact you beforehand regarding royalties if your work is to be

The Contest will run for 2 years (2016 to 2017)
1st round: Entry starts Sept. 15, 2016   Closes Feb. 28, 2017   

                                                          Winner will be announced early May, 2017
2nd round: Entry starts March 1, 2017  Closes Nov. 30, 2017   

                                                          Winner will be announced mid April, 2018
※If number of entries are low, the contest may be carried over to the following year. In this 

   case, we will contact you directly.


   People nowadays in Japan can't read Chinese poetry, and so Chazan poetry was translated into modern Japanese and again into English. We call these poems 'CHAZAN POEMS.'

KAN CHAZAN 1748-1827


(Chazan's Original Chinese Poetry)
十五採蓮女 羞人不出花
風起花繚乱 時々露鬢鴉



Hasu no hanatoru

Shojo wa 15
Toshi ya hazukashi
Hana no
Iki wo hisomete
Mi wo kakusu
Kaze okori  hasu yuragi
Hanagage ni mieru
Kurokami no
Hasu no hanatoru
Shojo wa 15

A Girl And Lotus Flowers

The young girl is fifteen.
She is cutting a lotus flower.
She is so shy that she can't leave the lotus flowers.
Then the wind begins to blow,
Causing the flowers to sway,
Sometimes allowing me to see
The side of the girl's black hair.


A Chazan poem in Japanese/written in Roman letter

A Chazan poem in English

Translated by Michael Littlemore

(from England)

An example of Chazan Poems &Illustration

A Girl And Lotus Flowers

ENTRY ■1■ MUSIC COMPOSING  Read Chazan poems and make a song.


1,You can use "the refrain (chorus)" to repeat the same words and phrases of the

2, You can add words such as Oh, LaLa…. to fix the tune/beat.
3, You can choose either an English poem or Japanese poem.  Also, you can mix 

    parts of the English poem and Japanese poem, such as ♪I'd follow the butterflies♪ 

    Boku nara cho ni tsuitekuna.
4. You can enter more than one piece.
5, Record the sound (instrument+vocal) and score data onto a CD or USB.
    Send it by mail or e-mail.
    Kanchazan Kinenkan
    30-2 Oaza Shin-Yuno Kannabe-cho
    Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
   Japan 〒720-2122
6. Don't forget to list your full name, age, address, phone number, email address.
7, Read the following list of Chazan poems (English and Japanese) and choose your

    favorite one.


ENTRY ■2■ ILLUSTRATION  Read Chazan poems and draw an illustration.


1, Attach your illustration to a Chazan poem of your choice.
2, Watercolors, print, paper-cutting, butterfly wedge picture, collage. CG, or spray art.

   or monochrome, either is fine.
3, No 3D, no oil paint, no relief or pasting solid things with thickness.
4, Work must be unpublished and original. Copy or print is not accepted except print art or CG

   art according to the size like below. And we require print block or CG data of the winning 

   work. We inform you it after the day of selection.
5. Use 'yotsugiri' size paper with the shorter side at the top like the chart below.
    ('yotsugiri' drawing paper size = Japanese standard 380mm×540mm)
6, Write the poem you chose on the attached sheet and enclose it. (Handwritten or  
    copy & paste.)
7, We will prepare the trimming mat for the poem and print the poem. Send your illustration

8. List your full name, age, address, phone number, mailing address on the back of your work.
9, Send your work to:
    Kanchazan Kinenkan
    30-2 Oaza Shin-Yuno Kannabe-cho
    Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
    Japan 〒720-2122


Like this, the bottom half will be used to print the poem.

   At the time of judging and displaying, we will put your picture in a frame.

The trimming width of the mat are  40 millimeters.  Follow "the size of the picture" mentioned above.  See the sample on the right.  Caution: The size of paper must not exceed 380 millimeter width× 352 millimeters height.